Monuments of nature

"Novo-Cemerska forest-steppe" (Keremet)

area 121,49 hectares, which is about 0.12% of the area. The protected areas are organised according to the decree of the Council of Ministers TASSR 23.07.91, No. 313, its status confirmed by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of RT from 29.12.05, No. 644. It includes forest area, the forest stand which is dominated by areas with oak and pine, and herb-fescue steppe. Here are the 8 species listed in the Red data book of the RT: iris leafless, almonds are low, the grasses feathery and beautiful, ovsets desert, Astragalus of Henninge, Russian knapweed, Aster Alpine.


An area of 347 ha in surrounding villages Machala, Hose, represents the valley of a small river (tributary of the Deep) swamps, gullies and upland meadows.


Gully system in the vicinity of S. B.'na area of 55,9 hectares with a tributary of the R. B.'na Creek and plateau occupied by upland meadows.

The source of the river of TSIL'na.

Area of 139,9 ha, located South-West S. Chuvashskoe drozhzhanoe. The larger is occupied by a peat bog. The composition of the protected areas included in the nearby gully system bordering upland meadows and wetlands.

The Ravine Sereduk.

Gully system with two spurs area 90,4 hectares to the West of S. the Old Chechenskoe.

Mordovian meadows.

The area is 34.1 ha, includes two of gully system located southwest of the villages of Lower and Old Chechenskoe, adjacent to Cosima, but not affected by grazing grassland and high productive meadows.
All of these areas have important environmental value and are the reserves of rare and endangered species of plants and