Industrial Park

Industrial Park "Kazan" - the flagship project of Drozhzhanovsky district.

On the basis of industrial Park "Kazan" was established by the Management company, the main functions of which is to assist the resident with any questions Park in a mode "one window".
A particularly important step towards the development of Park residents was the membership of the Association of industrial parks of Russia.
Industrial Park "Kazan" included in the Draft of Investment Memorandum of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2016. This will give the investor additional benefits in the form of solving issues as a priority and pre-emption, will give a boost procedural and design issues at the regional level.
Industrial Park "Kazan" is accredited by the Ministry of economy of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Park in 2016, the subsidies received for the preparation of all communications. Investors get fully prepared engineering communication for their projects. In addition, for projects Park special benefits.

Privileges and preferences of the residents of the Park:
reduced land tax;
missing rent for the land;
for the payment UTII coefficient K2 is reduced to 0.005;

State support
50% of the cost of purchased equipment;
subsidizing interest rates on loans