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                                                                        Information about Drozhzhanovsky municipal district.

Drozhzhanovsky municipal district is one of the unique regions of the Republic of Tatarstan, by its geographical situation, ethnic composition, nature and history. The area has a number of distinctive features:
- On the territory of Drozhzhanovsky district is the most South-westerly point of the Republic of Tatarstan. The area is often called the "South-West gateway of Tatarstan."
The district has common boundaries with two constituent entities of the Russian Federation – the Chuvash Republic and the Ulyanovsk region.
- Drozhzhanovsky district is an outstanding example of the centuries-old experience of good neighbourliness and peaceful coexistence in the common living space of people of different faiths and ethnic roots. In the district live hand in hand, in equal number, representatives of the two brotherly peoples - the Tatars and Chuvash.
- Tatar population of the district are misery – ethnic group of Tatars, with its rich history, especially in language, culture and way of life, according to a number of scientists who have been in the middle ages their state.
- Language Drozhzhanovsky Chuvash representatives of grass – roots dialect at the time, was adopted on the basis of the Chuvash literary language.
- Unlike most of the current districts of the Republic of Tatarstan, Drozhzhanovsky district territory not previously part of Kazan province, and was part of the Simbirsk province. Therefore, the history of the area up to 1920, directly connected with the history of Simbirsk.
Drozhzhanovsky district was formed on August 10, 1930. Located on the South-West of the Republic of Tatarstan, for the most part it borders with the Chuvash Republic (in the North and North-West) and the Ulyanovsk region (in the South-West, South and South-East); the North-East it borders with Buinsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan. Area of Drozhzhanovsky municipal district - 102,954 km 2, representing 1.5% of the territory of the RT. On the territory of Drozhzhanovsky municipal district has 23.7 thousand people (0,61% of the population of the Republic of Tatarstan). The district consists of 19 rural settlements, including 52 settlements. The District: Staroye Drozhzhanoye (Claim CPRI).

Geographically Drozhzhanovsky district is located in the zone of forest-Steppe predvolzhye of the Republic of Tatarstan, which occupies the Western part of the Republic, separated from the East of the Volga river Volga on the North, East and to the West it borders with the Chuvash, on the South, Ulyanovsk region.
The manufacturing sector in the economic complex of the district, primarily submitted by the food industry, flour-and-cereals and feed mill industry.

In the infrastructure sector of the economy Drozhzhanovsky municipal district developed activities such as trade, connectivity, health and education. The sector in Drozhzhanovsky municipal district ensures the normal functioning of the commodities and production sectors of the district economy.
Drozhzhanovsky district is a district of farmers, livestock breeders, agricultural processors, with the multinational cultural heritage. Residents of the area are famous for the careful attitude to national customs and traditions of the Tatar and Chuvash peoples to preserve their culture.

The economic potential.
The district economy is based on agriculture, processing industry, industry of building materials. In the area there are deposits of oil shale and nonmetallic minerals, among which are clay, sand, suitable for the manufacture of glass, zeolite-bearing rocks – new for the Republic of the mineral. Given the presence of huge reserves of more than 3 billion tons, and planned their effective exploitation and multipurpose use. The exploitation of mineral resources of the area, including zeolite-containing rocks can give our predominantly agricultural area industrial features and to increase the overall mineral resource potential of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Drozhzhanovsky municipal district, the border agricultural region with a diversified structure of the economy. The district has 457 small enterprises, whose share in the VTP is 22.7%. The district has a high level of investment attractiveness.

Investment potential of Drozhzhanovsky municipal district consists of private potentials, each characterized by a set of indicators. Factors influencing the investment climate of the region positively:
- a favorable geographical position;
- the presence of the mineral resource base;
- good personnel potential;
- the availability of Federal highway and train station;
- The agricultural sector in terms of a large number of fertile land.

Agriculture has always remained a priority sector in Drozhzhanovsky district.
Agricultural land employs 86 074 hectares of land, including arable land - 67 444 acres. In Drozhzhanovsky district are cultivated spring and winter wheat, winter rye, barley, oats, millet, buckwheat, peas, sugar beets, potatoes. The main branch of the livestock - meat-dairy cattle. To date, the district has two agro, OOO "AK bars", 3 agricultural company - LLC "Transport", LLC "'na", JSC "Sailorsenshi SKhP im. Abdreeva" and one of KFKH "nizams", which are engaged in manufacturing and realization of agricultural products.
Within the framework of multiculturalism an important place in agriculture of the municipal district's small farms: farms and individual farms, making a significant contribution to the increase in gross agricultural production of the area and providing employment.

The leading industries are: processing, food, construction. The largest industrial enterprise is OJSC "Drozhzhanovsky Elevator" that combines a feed mill, mill, Elevator.
Website: http://www.drkhp.ru/

Medical aid to the population of the Drozhzhanovsky district carried out by:
1 Central regional hospital (TSRB),
1 district hospital (UB),
38 medical stations (FAP).
The main achievement of the district - enter after a complete renovation of the main building of the Central regional hospitals and policlinics. For a short period of time enormous work has been done on reconstruction of the building CRH. The building is given in compliance with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic norms and requirements of fire safety. Radically improved the working conditions of health workers and created conditions for comfortable stay of patients. Purchased and installed expensive medical equipment.

In the district 19 high, 2 incomplete primary and 6 primary schools - gardens with a total of 2796 students and work 527 teachers. GAPO "Drozhzhanovsky College industry technology" - the smithy of Drozhzhanovsky district. It trained more than 270 students.

Cultural and youth policy, physical culture and sport
Cultural and youth policy on the territory of the district is implementing:
1 the District House of culture;
24 rural houses of culture;
15 rural clubs;
3 club;
1,Central library,
1 children's library,
30 rural libraries;
1 Children's art school;
2 museums;
folk song and dance ensemble "TAN";
folk dance group "Yashlek";
folk ensemble "Sumbala";
Chuvash people's folklore ensemble "Sarel";
the folk theatre", Bettercheck".

For sports the district has 45 planar open sports facilities, 23 gym, 1 indoor swimming pool with gym.

The district has detsko-yunosheskaya Sportivnaya SHKOLA (DYUSSH), where there are sports clubs for football, hockey, skiing, national wrestling, wrestling, table tennis, volleyball, swimming. Every year the district holds sports competitions among schoolchildren, among organizations and institutions, among pensioners, and held a mass sports event "Cross of Russia", "ski Track of Russia". For the population of the district during the year there are sports and entertainment events: "Farewell to winter", "Winter fun", sports events dedicated to significant dates: "Republic Day", "the Saban – TUI", "sportsman's Day".
The most popular and favorite sports are volleyball, mini-football, ice hockey, national wrestling, skiing, track and field.