District history

Drozhzhanovsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan is located in the South-West of Republic, borders with the Chuvash Republic and the Ulyanovsk region.

The district was formed on August 10, 1930. In December 1962 Drozhzhanovsky district became part of the Buinsky district was created in January 1967.

 Many legends about the area. According to one of them in ancient times came to this land three adult men: Alchi, Almaty, Salmaci. Long they traveled in search of rich lands until he found a spring and decided to rest near it. One of them drank water from a stream and noticed that the water is acidic, and the ground like dough on yeast, soft and fluffy. Since then, the Wanderers here and stayed, founding the first settlements.

 Hosojima Hayrullova said: "the Founders of the village of Alchi, Almaty, Salmaci - all three of them from Turkey. During the war they were captured and were forced to stay here." The fact that they are from Turkey, gives us the right to claim that they are misery. Indeed, in the works of E. A. Malov Information "mishary" there is a legend which says that misery once came from the Turkish lands. But even before their arrival here have lived the Chuvash, that is, Mordvins and Mari.

 The old-timers of the village of Staroye drozhzhanoye will tell you his legend. That soil in the past century here was very marshy: then rose, then fell, like dough on yeast. And named the village: drozhzhanoye. Ancestors of Mishar, Chuvash and Russian, of course, could not be assumed that the fermentation of the soil involved in oil shale.

In the first quarter of the 18th century there appeared the Tatars who were resettled to these lands by Russia's rulers as builders of defensive lines on the border of the state.

During the reign of Catherine II Drozhzhanovsky Bush becomes the centre of volost.

 In ancient times on the territory called "wild field", was the dense forests, large lakes, swamps, inhabited by animals and birds of that time, including the huge mammoths. According to archeological findings it is known that people lived on the territory of Drozhzhanovsky district in the period of the early Bulgars. This is evidenced by the traces found at the sites of ancient settlements on the river'na. In the middle of XVII century - first quarter of XVIII century there was a settlement service Tatars, they were interspersed with villages, inhabited by the Chuvash, Mordva and others. These Tatars were resettled to these lands by Russia's rulers as builders of defensive lines on the border of the state.